I forgot to mention...

...2 pairs of Dave's shoes came with a recent shopping trip. Just before Dave left for his training in Connecticut, he decided he needed to dress more professionally. Apparently wearing the same pair of over sized, grease stained, khaki pants every day wasn't cutting it anymore. He announced 2 Saturdays ago he was "going shopping for new work clothes."

When Dave left I hardly expected him home in 1 hour, toting the following:
-3 pairs of dress slacks
-1 dress shirt
-2 pairs of dress shoes
-2 dress belts
-6 pairs of dress socks
-1 clock radio for the shower

..all for $200. Unbelievable right? Now that is a talent.

You've got to love that my husband gets his work clothes from a place that also sells shower radios.


Ashley said...

That is so funny! That sounds just like dad. On his lunch break he made his daily trip to Ross or TJ max and came out with 2 pairs of snow shoes! Who knows what all you will find in these stores!

Missy said...

David has learned from the master of TJ Maxx/Ross shopping. I assume that he went to one of those two stores-maybe Marshalls?

dave said...

I know. I was telling Carrie how when I was younger I hated how dad would always suggest we go there first when clothes or shoe shopping and if we couldn't find something that worked we would go somewhere else. But now I am a believer.

sara said...

that's talent.

i must say, he looks great in the new work clothes. esp. those grey pants.

well done. i love a good bargain.

Yah Yah said...

Before I had read to the end of the your entry, my thoughts were

DOCS AND TEVAS (they are so last decade)

The only other person in the world harder to get to discard anything would be Big K (alias: Nana nooshky). She only just allowed me to get rid of the Merrills that were the cause of her FEMUR break 6 years ago. I had to pry them out of her hand. She has at least 6 pair of Docs (some of them hand me downs from the Lewis sisters) with at least an inch of dust on them but she STILL won't give them the boot (no pun intended)

Did you purposely not include the number of Havaanas that Dave possesses or would that have tripled the total count?

carrie said...

I thought about showing his many, many flip flops (mostly for shock value since the number is astounding) but I know there is no hope of him parting with any of them.

Anything from or related to Brazil is revered as sacred around here.