Golden Nuggets

My sister Sara the other day was rather overwhelmed with being a mom of three, worried about dad, the rash and the spinal tap, and in general not in a good place when she heard a knock at her door. She opened the door and there was a package there with a baseball cap from Georgia and this note inside


Sending love from Georgia! So wish I had been with y'all the other night. I have been thinking about you so very much. I know some of the feelings you may be feeling- there are some things I know for certain the gospel is real and eternal families are freaking real. I know that the lewis family is amazing and together you'll be good and I know you have people in NY that love you so much. So when you wear the GA hat know there is someone in Georgia that REALLY cares.
Love to you.
LeeAnne Pope

Then last week mom and dad got a package in the mail from Washington D.C. and inside were two DVD's about golf and some candy with the following note:

Dear Gordon and Kathleen,
We have been thinking about you a lot lately. We are sorry you must endure this trial but admire the way you are going about it. You are in our prayers and we wish you the best in the coming weeks and months. We hope you will be blessed with strength and peace.
Brian and Amy Barker [travis' sister who has probably met dad once]

These are just a few of the many Golden Nuggets that the Lewis Family has received in the three longest months of our lives. The following are a few of my personal nuggets:
· Tanner, Christian, Scout, Mason, Calder, Sydney, Crosby, and Brig who are hands down the best part of my life.
· Weekly deliveries of fresh bread and homemade fruit pies for dad from Sister Rude Jude Maxfield.
· Becca Bracy Knight and Pepper Sessions who are two of the funniest most delightful people on the planet. [even if Becca doesn't know what a spatula is]
· Jim Strong's shaking shoulders as I sit behind him during Sacrament meeting each Sunday and witness the man of "very few words" giggle at whatever unexpected hilarious thing has happened during the meeting [today it was Millie Martindale saying she wouldn't wish her trials on anyone except maybe Osama Bin Laden]
· My ASICS 2050 running shoes that are always willing/able to be laced up and go as I pound the streets of Btown "running out" my stress, fears, and frustrations.
· Travis Stratford for not only working long hours to provide a living so that Sara can stay home and be supermom but who is alone in NY as his family stays for weeks in Colorado. [I think a move is in order!]
· Rhonda and Meg Hansen for bringing homemade goodies, teaching me about politics, knowing the primary songs [when I don't] and emailing me the opportunity to sign the declaration of independence.
· Chris Martin and the music of COLDPLAY.
· Bishop Dietz, dad's home teacher, who is always right behind me asking how dad is and how he can help.
· Charles Langston for taking the time to gather "golf" reading for dad.
· Comcast for making available every sporting event for TGL's viewing pleasure.
· TGL himself who lies there hour after hour, visits doctor after doctor, swallows pill and pill and NEVER utters a word of complaint or frustration.
· My Savior Jesus Christ who tolerates my constant mistakes, questions, and complaints and supports me and the family more than I know.

So this post is an official shout out to all of YOU who through your words, prayers, notes, thoughts, and acts make our days and lives better. WE love you


Janice said...

Wonderful post. I am so glad to know all of the support your family is receiving.

carrie said...

Don't forget Nana! What a selfless, devoted caregiver!

love you yah yah.

Yah Yah said...

this was more about non family members. I could never forget nana.

RMII said...
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liz said...

I do believe there have been many a giggle between you and your mom that we have witnessed as we have sat behind you in sacrament meeting :)