My friend Becca alerted me to the fact that today should be celebrated. She and my other friend Pepper, perhaps two of the funniest/smartest and least reverent people I know [outside the other Lewis girls and Erin Boss]have offered their suggestions on how to celebrate this most auspicious day.

- drinking 9 cups of tea
- eating 9 donuts
- sending 9 postcards to people you like
- biking 9 miles x 3
- going to The Nines in Denver to pick up some modern furniture
- stop by Coors field to blow Ian Stewart #9 kisses from the 3rd baseline, followed by 9 9" hot dogs (they don't sell foot longs on 9er days)
- committing to only driving 9 miles an hour wherever I go so everyone on the road will know how serious I am about this holiday.
- Nena 99 Luft Balon www.youtube.com/watch?v=14IRDDnEPR4
- TP the houses of 9 people you don't like
- Rollerblade 9 miles backwards
- Dance to "party like it's 1999" by the artist formerly known as Prince
- Interview your cat and some of his friends to find out which of their 9 lives have been the most meaningful
- Dip 99 strawberries in chocolate

I would love to hear any other ideas


sara said...

Man! If only I had read this on the 9th. I could have gone crazy.

And too bad that date won't come along again for like 100 years. Ah well. I can still look forward to 9/9/99 (or can I?)

carrie said...

9 scoops of ice cream for 9 days with 9 friends