A day late and $100,000 short

Yesterday was Sara Elizabeth Lewis Stratford's birthday - she turned 36. As you can see we have sort of dropped the ball in doing funny and fabulous tributes on birthdays - probably due to kids/cancer/moving/appliance debacles/remodels/gossip girl episodes and just "life" in general.

So I'll make this short and sweet. Sara rocks. Once Erin McNeil, Carrie and I were chatting and Erin commented that she didn't really know Sara that well. Carrie's response was "that really is too bad because she is such a treasure."

A real diamond in the ruff that Sara. No one makes us laugh more than Sara, she just has a way of turning daily events into a Seinfeld episode. She is clever, smart, fit, efficient, classy, and "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound".

If you have a cyber minute, I'd love to hear what your favorite thing is about Sara AND if you could buy Sara anything for her birthday what would it be.

I love you sis.


sara said...

Thanks Yah Yah. You really hit the ball out of the park this year... that brush was a dream this morning. Scout and I have never looked better!!! Love you.

liz said...

I love sara's humor too. She rawks.

and I would buy her a full day off (babysitters/ etc) so she could run the brooklyn bridge and eat at grimaldi's and um....I actually have no idea what she would like to do with her day off but I think it would be the best gift to give any mother.

carrie said...

I would buy her a giant home in colorado, right next door to me.

Tiffany Brown said...

Well, Happy Birthday one day late to Sara even though I don't know you too well either! But, I have to tell you that Liz (two posts above mine) is in my ward in Chandler and she was asking me just last Sunday how I knew the Lewis girls and I said, "well, I really know their older brother Rand (because he was the first person ever to ask me to dance and I will forever like him for that) and I know Laura from years of girls camp (singing...so fun!)and Carrie was the bridesmaid at my sister's wedding, but I really don't know Sara" and Liz said a similar thing back to me as your friend! "oh, that's too bad because she is so great!"
So, Sara, I am sure we will meet up someday, (maybe a future Maxfield event) and we will have to have a chat!
Hope you had a great birthday!

Yah Yah said...

Carrie, I LOVE IT. You are absolutely right AND if it was the house to the right, you would have adjoining yards because of the "fence issue" SANS dogs so it would be like one big house. Maybe they would film an episode of "big love" except you and sara would have your own husbands.

I of course would be forced to leave b-town and move into the house on the left or maybe I could just pitch a tent in between the two and use your bathroom.

Robin said...

I love Sara for many reasons. She is all-around awesome, super funny and so cute I want to put her in my pocket. But most of all, Sara was (and is) a great example to me as a capable, organized, calm and really, really fun mom. And, she always looked cute at the park. I wish I were even half as great with my kid as she is with hers.

Nichole and Jeremy said...

Unlike my sister Tiffany, Sara is the Lewis Girl I know best!

She braided my hair at girls camp and made a little 12 year old dork..feel like a queen for paying attention to me.

Happy Birthday Sara

autumn said...

My favorite thing about Sara is that she is this delicious mix of humor, wit, intelligence and class.
My husband thinks she's terrific, and is always insisting that he and Sara are the real BFF's... (friend-stealer!)

She is also a TRUE friend. Someone who listens and actually cares and then makes you laugh until you pee your pants.

But I think the single thing that I like best about Sara is that she is MY friend. (And to all you folks that want to get to know Sara better, all I have to say is "get in line behind moi") Because even though Sara and I have been friends for 18 year, I still can't get enough of her.

And, if I were to get Sara the perfect birthday gift, I would hire BIlly Blanks to create a few more Tae Bo videos so Sara would have something new to work out to.

Love you girl!
Happy Birthday.

Natalee said...

Sara knows she is Carrie and my mentor. She raised us.
Happy Bday Sara.
Looks like my sisters have adopted the blog. funny.

sara said...

I love that the Downs sisters have adopted the blog!!! When can we expect comments from Matt and Jeff?

You guys are so nice... these comments made my day. Week. Year!

It's really lucky that Carrie and Natalee were alive to comment, since they were almost eaten alive by spiders in my Provo basement many years ago. Phew.

darcie said...

Happy Birthday Sara! Here are some great things about you: you're funny, very clever, confident, an embracer of curly hair (we can't fight it), dedicated (seriously, even on vacations and sleep overs you still work out...and it shows. you're billy's girl through and through), hip, so chill, a fabulous teacher, and from all i can gather a FABULOUS mother. you're family is very lucky to have you. i want to be just like you when i grow up some more. if i could, i'd buy scout a dog. happy birthday?

Mom said...

I am with Carrie, buy her a home in Colorado all though preferably in Boulder but I would EVEN take Washington Park by Carrie.

Since that probably won't happen, how about a sewing machine? Can't wait to see all the marvelous things she will create.

I say a LOUD AMEN to all the things others have said about Sara.
Such an 'OVER THE TOP' fun fun mom,
wonderful thoughtful daughter, super organized and on top of everything. A quote I read last night in my Payson H.S. reunion book. "You discover you've given birth to your own best friends" is very true. That is the way I feel about my four wonderful children.

I hope you have a fantastic year!!

Erin said...

Sara, I am soooo behind on blog checking. Obviously.

I too wished you lived here - Of course I know you are a "Treasure" - and absolutley adored in EVERY way by your sisters, but I do feel like I have missed out. Sigh.

Happy Belated. Hope springs eternal...perhaps that Travis of yours will feel the pull of Colorado.