Devil's Causeway

Dave on his recent backpacking trip - he is the one with the blue backpack.
What could be more fun than carrying a 50 lbs backpack across a 3 foot ridge with death cliffs on either side. What a surprise that he just happened to forget to mention this part of the trail before he left.


sara said...

He was probably doing this while we were eating breakfast at the mountain lion cafe.


Christina said...

Um. Wow. That story does not do justice to the experience without that photo!!! I think I would have turned back at that point.

Mom Lewis said...

If that is Dave with the blue backpack and his brother, Chris, went with him....who took the photo?
I see two people on scary Devil's Causeway.

I'm with Sara, breakfast at the Mountain Lyon Cafe in Silverthorne after a good nights sleep at the mountain house.

Spectacular photo and scenery. Yes, that is beautiful Colorado!

Yah Yah said...

I'm just surprised that neither Chris nor Dave made it back without major scrapes, fractures, or lacerations. May I remind you that Chris came back from the Xmas family jaunt with a black eye from a sledding accident and Dave almost cut off his lower leg in a DIY tree trimming incident.

It must have been one of the 3 nephites who took the picture.

Mychael-Ann said...

Awesome photo. Just be grateful Brig was with you having b'fast, not on Dave's back. Speaking of... I could use a recent pic of him (Brig, that is, not Dave).