Things are breaking in NY, too.

Lest Laura feel like she's the only one with bad luck, here's a run down on my past few months.

In December, our boiler broke. The burner was bad, and the coil was shot (don't worry if you have no clue what I'm talking about; neither do I!) and we had to spend around 2 K to get things up and running again. There were quite a few days where we had no heat and no hot water (more like a few months of no hot water. We had lukewarm water... but no hot).

Next it was the dryer. After paying Sears to come fix it, I was told the replacement parts would surpass getting a brand new dryer. So I paid the guy and then ordered a new dryer.

Then our water dispenser stopped working on the fridge. This would have been no big deal, until the Sunday evening jam session when I was sitting at the drums and looked over to realize that we had definite water damage in the basement ceiling and wall. We pulled out the fridge and found out that the water tube had sprung a leak! I got a local company to come and fix it. The tube was repaired but Patrick (the repair man) told me he didn't have the part to fix the water. He also told me the tube to my ice maker was now frozen, because we had turned the water off to the fridge to stop the leak. I had turned the water flow back on, and that evening we had a NEW leak because the water tube popped off the back when water met the frozen ice tube. So currently I have no ice, no filtered water, and no COLD water at my kitchen sink. It's super annoying, but I'm not going to get it fixed until I'm back from my trip, just in case the fridge starts leaking again while we're away.

My hair dryer up and died last week. I had to buy a new one at Target... at least this repair only set me back $25.

Then this morning, I was running and started to smell burning rubber. It doesn't look good:

What else can go wrong? Don't answer that. I don't want to know.


Janice said...

We had a month like that about year ago. I still shudder thinking about it.

carrie said...

wow. ouch.

that is bad.

Yah Yah said...

- Your contact lens
- Your drain
- You ligh fixture above your bathroom
- Your heart

To name just a few but I wouldn't know.

Which was most devastating put top priority to expedite ASAP??

THE TREADMILL!!!! yep I thought so.

I empathize, sympathize, realize, wouldn't criticize and recommend lots of greasy fries.