Happy New Year?

As usual, we're a tad late with our New Year's card. This year we're going with email instead of snail mail, but in case I don't have your email address (or don't get around to ever sending it), here you go.

May the force be with you in 2009.
Love, us.


laura said...

I love it!

Mom said...

It is great!! How cute is Oz as his favorite-- Dora the Explorer.
But who is S? How fun!

carrie said...

I love Oz as Dora...hahahaha. so cute.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

That is the best one I've ever seen. Save it for this year. Nothing like starting early, I say.

Yah Yah said...

I found myself staring at it, drawn in, mesmorized. But clearly OZ as DORA is hands down the best. It's a bit eery. Who is scout by the way? You couldn't put her on a horse? Very clever and Luke is so stealth.