Saturday Night Conversation

11am. Dave is back from a morning drive with Brig
Dave: Hey - guess what? Our favorite restaurant just opened up a few blocks away!
Carrie: Cafe Rio?
Dave: Pei Wei! We should go there for dinner tonight.
Carrie: Naw, we have all that left over white chicken chili. Let's just eat that.

6pm. Dave and Carrie just returning from a run
Dave: So what are you thinking for dinner tonight?
Carrie: I thought we were going to have chili.
Dave: Oh really? I thought we were going to Pei Wei.
Carrie: Well, it just seems like a waste of money with that delicious chicken chili just waiting for us in the fridge. We can go to Pei Wei another night this week.

6:30pm. Carrie is feeding Brig squash
Dave: So what time are we leaving for Pei Wei?
Carrie: Davvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve...
Dave: It's a Saturday night. We should hit the town as a family.
Carrie: I hate to buy dinner when we have so much food in the fridge...
Dave: But none of that food is Pei Wei spicy chicken.
Carrie: Fine. If it is that important to you, let's just go.

7:00pm. Carrie is putting Brig in his car seat.
Dave: If you don't want to go, we don't have to go.
Carrie: I'm happy to go.
Dave: Because just say the word, and we won't go.
Carrie: We are going!

7:15pm. Carrie and Dave arrive at Pei Wei. There is a giant sign saying the restaurant isn't open for another few days.
Dave: Crap. Is it not open?
Carrie: I don't know - look at all those people in there.
Dave: That is weird
Carrie: It has to be open
Dave: I'm going to go see what is going on...

Dave returns from checking to see if Pei Wei is open
Dave: They aren't open until Monday. But they are "practicing" tonight. They want to know if they can buy us 2 entrees, 2 appetizers, and 2 drinks so their wait staff can practice serving us.
Dave: Is that ok with you?

I will never question Dave again.


sara said...


When Dave gets his mind set on eating something, he will not be deterred. Does it remind you of anyone else you know in our family?

Too bad it wasn't a Cafe Rio.

Christina said...

Oh I love it! You should have called us! I have been driving by many times a week for months now waiting for it to open. :)

And yes... that chili was to die for. mmmmm....

Mom said...

Unbelievable score! I can't believe you guys good luck, when your two sisters things just keep going wrong.

Ashley said...

dang, we never score deals like that! I wish we had one here. I love that place, and I bet it tasted even better being FREE!

Yah Yah said...

Further proof of the Carrie Lewis Denham yellow brick road.

That rocks, did they throw in dessert? I love getting FREE stuff.

Tippettsfam said...

ok, this is hilarious.... love it.

Natalee said...

Is that for real? Dave? You know how good Carrie can make a story... you didn't pay a dime??? Dave, we need to hear your version of that story.

madschill said...

Fabulous! Everything tastes better free.