Best Salad Ever

I've been going through my iPhoto library, trying to clear stuff out since I'm rapidly running out of space. I came across this picture and realized I meant to post about this salad I made almost a full year ago:

It was one of those totally serendipitous moments. I had BBQ chicken left over from a Sunday dinner (made in the crock pot), lettuce, fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes, corn chips, black beans, and if memory serves, monterey jack cheese. I cut the corn off the cobs (we had eaten them the day before too, and had some left over) and topped it all off with this:

If you are lucky enough to live by a Stew Leonard's, I highly recommend picking up some of this dressing. If you don't, I'm really sorry for you. But then you probably live in the West and have access to an awesome indoor rec center, so we're even. Except you're getting fit and I'm eating salad dressing.

Anyway, I'm going to make this salad again... as soon as I see fresh corn for sale!

***As I'm looking closer at this picture, I don't see any black beans. So maybe I didn't have any on hand but they would make it even more delicious, don't you think?

***I also highly recommend placing Legos by whatever you're eating. It will make everything taste better, just because Legos are so awesome.


carrie said...

it looks delightful...i might add an alvocado

Janice said...

Why make it. I can buy almost the exact same thing at Cafe Rio. (Which is something I know you don't have either :) ).

em said...

I'm gonna make this the second I have a second! One thing I might add is asparagus... Yum!

Hey... Call me when you can. Need your help with a tiny thing!

autumn said...

That! Salad! Looks! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

That salad sounds wonderful, especially the FRESH corn, feta, and the BBQ chicken I am sure was a great added touch. (I would probably even try the chicken if you fixed it).

Plus since you are so health conscious about what you feed your family, knowing that you feel strongly about buying ORGANIC, especially fresh produce, milk etc.
Heathly and very yummy, I could go for that beautiful salad right now!

Mom said...

With my taste buds still salivating about that wonderful salad, I should have added one more exclamation point (!) for emphasis, or two (!!), or three (!!!), or four(!!!!), or even more. I better go eat lunch.

Angela said...

YUM. I want that salad right now! I have to go to TJ this week, and I'm getting that dressing.

Angela said...

Oops, just realized it was really at Stews! Okay, I'll go there to get it. thanks for the heads up!