We didn't start the fire...

...no we didn't light it, but Dave tried to fight it.

During the 3rd quarter of the broncos game yesterday the door bell rang 25 times in a row. I came up stairs thinking to myself "someone better be dead." When I reached the upstairs I saw Brig lying on the rug, in front of the TV, watching the broncos game, with no diaper on. (Apparently Dave was mid diaper change when the door bell ringing began.) Dave opened the front door to our duplex neighbor who screamed "Our kitchen is on fire, get out of your house, I just called 911!"

Her kitchen was on fire? Her kitchen is connected to our kitchen via a brick wall. I frantically thought "What in my home can I not live without?" Brig. Yep that is about it. I grabbed him, grabbed a diaper (no need to be totally crazy), and headed outside.

Dave sprinted for our kitchen, grabbed our fire extinguisher, and ran barefoot next door - directly into our neighbor's place. I know this was a heroic move...but he got a lecture later. The smoke was billowing out of every opening of their home. Dave ran into her house and had to go straight out the back door b/c the smoke was so intense he couldn't breathe. He took a deep breath, and then ran back in and swung by the kitchen, couldn't see open flames, so he headed for the front door.

He came to make sure Brig and I were OK, and then we waited. It is weird to hear the fire truck sirens in the distance and know they are coming for you. With-in 5 minutes four fire trucks from all over Denver pulled up, 35 firemen sprung into action, and the firemen stormed into the house with hoses, etc. It was pretty crazy. Everyone in the neighborhood began emerging from their homes to see what was up.

Turns out the fire was isolated to the oven, and easily put out (although it did create a ton of smoke). A hot pad in the bottom drawer of the oven had started it off. Lesson: do NOT keep flammable items in the drawer below the oven. The fire chief came over to check on us and told us there was no structural damage so our home was fine.

I sort of wish Brig had been a little older...I think any kid would be into all the fire trucks and fireman. I know I was. I wanted get on the fire truck but Dave restrained me.

When we went back into the house I did a sweep to make sure we couldn't smell any smoke. As Dave entered the house I heard him yell "OH CRAP!" I raced to the front room and fanatically asked "WHAT? WHAT?" Dave said, "The chargers scored a touch down while we were outside!"

All things considered, that news didn't seem so bad.


Christina said...

Ummmm.... what a crazy story. I love Dave going into the smoky house to put it out himself with a little fire extinguisher. What a hero! :)

Andrea said...

i can't believe that really happened. i just wanted to catch up for a second on your blog and the past few posts have been so dynamic. i almost want to live in your blog. sara's photo with the kids is one of the greates all time pictures. i kind of grossed out at the action shots during the c section. i can't believe your stomach had to go through that. brig is so so so cute. very worth it??

missy said...

My brother, the hero.

Ashley said...

That makes for an intense afternoon between the fire and the game!! Glad everything was ok!

Amanda P said...

Sure you didn't start the fire. Just like you didn't start the fire at Nana's house when we were lighting fireworks too close to the pasture! Nearly burned down all of Payson and I was two years younger and just following my leader! :)