Over Protective Father

Those of you who have seen Dave in action can testify that he is QUITE protective of little Brig. The night before Dave left for a business trip to Washington DC he made a classic comment. Brig had been crying pretty hard so I swaddled him, got the binkie going, was singing to him, and bouncing him simultaneously - which calmed Brig down. As Dave watched me he remarked:

"You know, I actually don't feel nervous leaving him with you for the week."

Gee whiz. Thanks dear.


Christina said...

haha... how sweet. :)

sara said...

i'm surprised he trusts you with him while he is gone for 8 hours every day. i was pretty certain after seeing him in action with brig that he was going to wear the baby to work with him in a man sling.

congratulations on earning his trust!!!

TippettsFam said...

hahahaha.... classic dave!!

Smiths said...

ha ha! how nice of him. :)

Natalee said...

what a guy. Brig's in good hands.