More on Flying the "Friendly" Skies

In case anyone hasn't noticed, there is really nothing "friendly" about flying anymore.

- They have pulled all pillows [okay not that these were super plush in the first place, but still]
- no more blankets [or rather thin scraps of fabric that I used to literally "swaddle" myself in]
- bye bye to snacks [they now cost an arm and a leg which is okay b/c those limbs you will lose anyway b/c of frost bite due to the lack of blankets] AND
- they won't even give you the "whole can of pop"[I used to make out like a bandit with at least 2 cans of pop for the destination to which I was headed]

I actually asked the stewar"person" to fill my 12 oz cup w/ice and was told that there wasn't enough.

oh Well.


sara said...

i hate to fly. i mean it. I HATE IT.

liz said...

Be glad, very glad they didn't give you more ice. Didn't you watch Oprah with the little girl that tested airplane ice? It has more bacteria than a restroom in a fast food restaurant! GROSS!

Smiths said...

I discovered the lack of pillows and blankets recently when I was trying to nurse on the plane. I was so mad.

And YUCK to the ice comment!