About nothing in particular

Sometimes I forget I have a blog. Well, not really. But sometimes, even if I have totally blog-able events to report on, I just don't. I think my new blogging apathy stems from the fact that you can't win a gold medal for doing it. So even though I want all the blogs I read to have new posts every day, and I'm annoyed when they don't ("There's nothing on the Internet!"), I'm not willing to pull my weight with new posts. If blogging were a relay, no one would want me on their team.

So back to the Olympics. I know, it's all anyone can talk about. I'm no different. Last night I was bowled over by two things: 1) That girl Lolo, who hit the last hurdle of the race she was totally going to win, and ended up losing. I could not BELIEVE how fast those girls were running, and how sad I was for her that she had been in first place, and then lost. She has such an amazing body. I totally want to start running hurdles, if my stomach could look like that. 2) Shawn Johnson! Come on, you know you love her. She looks like Mary Lou Retton's little sister. She is so cute, and all American. I think that other girl, the tall blonde who looks kind of snarky, is a great gymnast and all. And I'm glad she won 2 gold medals; I don't begrudge her that. But I was so happy last night when Shawn got the gold for the balance beam. I nearly cried. Is it almost time for my period?

Speaking of the Olympics, I have a new event for them to add. This morning I headed out for a run with Oz, and was struggling more than normal. As I've said before, running with a baby is hard. But this morning, it was damn near impossible. It only took me a mile to figure out that the left tire was flat. FLAT!  I promise you, Michael Phelps would have had a hard time running with that jogger. It was so totally hard to push, and I think a bug flew in my eye, because I was having major contact issues. Every time I took my hand off the jogger to rub my eye, it would veer dangerously to the left. I kept hoping I would see someone I knew, so I could ask them to go call my mom to come pick up the baby from me. It got to the point where when I was by the high school, had I seen a high schooler, I would have borrowed their cell phone. No luck. I had to run the entire 5 miles like that... by the end my hands were all cramped from trying to keep the jogger straight. So yeah, I'm just about as tough as all those kids you've been watching on TV.

On a totally unrelated note, but going with the theme of randomness, I included this picture of my kids with their cousin Ella at a farm in UT. I have yet to post about the trip, but I think this picture sums it up pretty nicely. My kids are freaking hilarious (do you see Calder in the back with his arms up?).

Peace out.


carrie said...

I totally agree. I wanted Shawn to win so badly. She reminds me of our cousin Megan Sperry don't you think?

And I totally agree on Natasia. She is way too much like Ashley Tisdale in Highschool musical. Plus, we all know she is really Russian.

I can't believe you ran 5 miles with baby Oz in a flat jogging stroller. Nightmare.

carrie said...

Dave says the blonde girl reminds him of Tanya Harding.

ha ha.

Yah Yah said...

In typical Lewis "exercise mode", I am not surprised that to stop and WALK wasn't an option. Sara is hardcore [the definition of which was much debated upon by Sara, Trav and some friends one night]. I'm actually surprised she got the wheel fixed and didn't just use it to make her workout harder.

I have to say, my sisters are the cleverest ladies around. Each time they post, the world is a better place.

Brooke said...

If the wheel was flat, why not just turn around and live to jog another day? I love that you just jogged your five miles anyway.. you couldn't have done like a three mile loop that day?

But then I remember one of our "girl's weekends" when we had stayed up too late talking and were all looking forward to sleeping in.. but by 7 AM, Sara was already returning from her morning jog!

Hardcore = Sara