Happy Birthday Big Brother

If there is one thing I've learned from my brother Rand it is to never miss an opportunity.

He's never missed an opportunity to succeed. He went to the best schools, studied the hardest topics, & took the most challenging jobs. He followed a path of success until he earned a job he loves. Does anyone really love their job? Yes - my brother.

He's never missed an opportunity to recreate. In-laws train for Lewis family reunions as my brother's schedule of recreation will surely leave you exhausted & sore. You would be wise to have some Vivrain on hand. A summer day will include a 2 hour mountain bike ride, 18 holes of golf, and a family tennis tournament. Winter days involve 7 hours of skiing, sledding or swimming at the rec center, and a pool tournament at night. And if you think he is neglecting his fatherly duties think again. He always has at least 2 of his 4 kids in tow.

He's never missed an opportunity to share. He shares his frequent flyer miles so his siblings can crash his family vacations. He shares his vacation home in the mountains, weekend after weekend. He shares his network of business contacts to anyone looking for a job. He shares his cell phone plan with my sister. And he's been known to share his sarcasm...somewhat regularly.

He's never missed an opportunity to serve. He doesn't just serve when asked. He pays attention to those around him, looks for opportunities to serve, and takes them. Last Saturday after 4 hours of helping my mom, he found out my brother-in-law was moving that day. Without being asked he drove straight there to see how he could help.

All in all he is a great example of how to live life. He is a wonderful father, husband, and brother. Happy Birthday Rand. I love you!


dave said...

Yes. Happy Birthday. You didn't even mention how old he is - 40.

Janice said...


Mom Lewis said...

Plus he drives to downtown Denver to work, then drives to Boulder to visit his Dad in the hospital, then drives home to Broomfield. He has brought one or two of his children frequently to the hospital to visit their grampa and brighten his day. He truly is a wonderful son, father and brother.
Plus he always remembers his siblings and parents birthdays. Even if he is traveling, he gives them a call to wish them a Happy Birthday. He coached his three sons basketball games last winter, coaches his sons soccer teams, and is always there supporting them whether it is a school program, athletic event, Scout whatever, etc.

mom lewis said...

Oh and a skiier for many years, he even took up snowboarding because his oldest son, 11, who had been told he couldn't snowboard until he had mastered double black diamond slopes on skiis, was dying to learn to snowboard. So they learned together last winter, painful as it was at first, due to many falls.

sara said...

boy, you must've really had to twist his arm to get a photo of him in a ridiculous outfit! ha, ha.

happy birthday, old man. i love you.

carrie said...

this may be one of those moments where they regret the fact that we all have access to their shutterfly account. so unsuspecting.