When this recycling bin spontaneously showed up on our front porch my initial reaction was amazement. “Wow” I thought, “How cool that the city of Denver realized I’ve been meaning to get on-line for the past two years and request a recycling bin for our home. They are really on top of their game - talk about a green city!” After my subconscious had a few seconds to break apart the logic of that initial thought, and realize that the city probably doesn’t keep a physic on their payroll, the sad reality started to seep in. In order to get a recycling bin for your home you have to order one. And I didn’t order one. Which can only mean one thing…someone else ordered one for us.

Crap. So my next door neighbor must be fully aware that I am the one who has been surreptitiously filling their recycling bin for the past 2 years. She must have gotten fed up and ordered us a bin of our own. Darn junk mail. It probably wasn’t my best move putting 5+ envelops with our name & address on it in their bin on a daily basis. I guess it wouldn’t take a detective to break the case.

This is the same neighbor who knocks on my door once a month to remind me that yet again I’ve forgotten to move my car for monthly street sweeping, and I better move my car if I don’t want yet ANOTHER ticket. And we are trying so hard to prove to our neighbors that we are real grown ups. Oh well. Maybe in retaliation I can knock on her door and tell her that John Kerry did not win the 2004 presidential election, and with another election looming, it might be time to take down her Kerry signs & bumper stickers.


TippettsFam said...

THAT is hilarious carrie!!! don't forget to send her a thank you card... ;)

Janice said...

When I was digging up sod to create flower beds, I would wait until the morning of trash day and then fill my neighbor's cans with sod. One neighbor caught me and politely told me to ask them before I used their can.