A special day

On Thursday, September 2nd (or to you hard-core crafters, Swiss Days EVE), Travis baptized Calder in Grandma and David's pond in Midway, UT. It was such a simple, beautiful evening. Nana came from Colorado, Grampa and Oma came from Ephraim, the Barkers were there from D.C. (and blessed baby George), the Defords from Grand Junction, and Calder, Starr and Stella came all the way from 3 blocks away. All the hymns and songs were done by guitar and mandolin by Sally and Willie, and Scout sang "When I am baptized" while Willie accompanied her. George was blessed and Hank wore pretty pants that were filmy, pink, and jingled when he walked. There was of course a Costco cake (Calder's favorite).

Sally took some beautiful pictures. See them here.


Janice said...

Baptisms are such great days.

carrie said...

I'm dying over the picture Sally took of Crosby. Seriously - could he look any cuter? So weird to think that 2 of your kids are old enough to be baptized. Calder is such a sweet little boy. If you ever get sick of him...yea right.

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

The pictures of Travis and Calder in the pond just touch my heart. I looks like it was a very meaningful day.
Aunt Betsy

Nana said...

Such a special lovely day and baptism. Calder is such a dear wonderful obedient kind helpful boy.