First day of school

Last Wednesday was technically the first day of school for Crosby, but I was way too emotional/stressed to take any pictures. Here we are walking down the steps to put him on his little bus.

Here he is on the steps of the bus, about to go get in his car seat. He looks a little stunned, but trust me, he was fine.

An artsy shot of him in his car seat, taken by Trav through the window. Bye Oz! Have a great day at school! Mom's going to try not to cry all day long while you're gone...

Then we have these two. (The gnome/dwarf is not going to school this year.) Calder couldn't have been less thrilled, but it's a far cry from the crying/screaming/anxiety of school 3 years ago, so I'll take it. Scout was PUMPED.

Walking to school with dad. I'm realizing more and more that we wear a lot of black. It just shows the dirt so much less than any other color! Except maybe brown. But we wear a lot of that, too.

Bye guys! I miss you already!


Yah Yah said...

sniff sniff!!! The weather certainly couldn't be helping things. I guess the tradeoff of sunshine for us has been FIRES.

Soon you won't know how you got anything done with them all home.

carrie said...

I miss them too!!! I still can't believe the Cros is a bus rider - what a stud!

Sally DeFord said...

I hope you are doing okay Sara. Sending Crosby off on the bus must be sad, he's still so young! I am curious about what you are going to do with some hours with no kids around.

Angela said...

Oh my. When I left it seems Crosby was a baby. He is such a big boy now! Looks SO much like his big bro. That picture on the bus is too die for. So sweet!