The price

Turns out the price of our home is greater than just the purchase price. We've also had to donate:

-one fifth of a thumb that got drilled off (Dave)
-one sprained finger (Dave's brother)
-one sprained wrist (Dave's brother)
-one bloody gash in the leg from a hand saw (Dave)


After (taken at 1am in the ER):

10 stitches. Granted it would have been more, but about 2 inches of skin was too far separated to be stitched back together. So the Dr. went ahead and just cut that chunk of skin off.

When I asked Dave if he was ok as we sat in the ER for 3 hours, he said "I'm just mad that I haven't gotten home to eat my dinner yet."


Travis said...


Ashley said...

I cannot believe that! That looks so bad. Did it hurt alot? Imagine what more is to come?

Christina said...

I am glad he finally went in for stitches. Jared sent me a picture of it--um yeah--definitely needed stitches!

I love that he was just going to go to the grocery store.

autumn said...

Oh no!

Natalee said...

okay, those pics are really gross. Poor guys!

The Egglestons said...

Is that his calf??? He's ripped! Here's to a speedy recovery. - Dave

Anonymous said...

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