The 2nd coming

Farrah Faucet and Michael Jackson in the same day? Typical Jackson move to try to steal poor Farrah's thunder.

In other news, there is some horrible smell in my mom's refrigerator that we can not isolate and eliminate. The offending smell surfaced Saturday and at this point, Sara, Carrie, mom, and I have all individually and collectively opened, smelled, discarded and personally interviewed each item in/around/under or on the fridge. It is truly maddening and will be the demise of us all if we don't find it.

Tonight we plan to move the fridge out and see if something or someone has died behind it.


sara said...

Bad news, dude. The smell is still there. It greets me every morning when I make Oz his bottle... and every morning I hope it will be gone.

Time for the newspapers, charcoal, and coffee grounds.

Yah Yah said...

Carrie just emailed to say it was "gone" Since you are on your wy home to NYC, do I dare say that it might have been YOU???? Thanks so much for being here. I know it isn't easy having to strategically pass off Oz so you could go visit Dad and deal with all of our crazy emotions. You are wonderful and I couldn't ask for better siblings - except maybe Chris Martin.