A new kind of shower

This post in long overdue. A few months back Sara and I hosted a 40th birthday party for our fabulous eldest sister - Miss Yah Yah.

Since there is nothing Laura loves more than chocolate, we decided the only logical thing to do was shower her with chocolate.

Thus...and new kind of shower was born - The Chocolate Shower! The party was great fun, and here are pictures to prove you wish you were there.

The Invite:

The Table:

The Chocolate:

I would kill for one of Sara's chocolate brownies right now which sadly did not get photographed. People also did not get photographed, although they were there. I was too distracted by the chocolate to take pictures.


Travis said...


sara said...

I could go for one of those brownies myself right about now. You forgot to add that you made the excellent frosting. I doubt we'll ever be able to replicate them...

M-Ann said...

Mmmm... This is a heavenly idea.

Can I submit my application to become a lewis girl?

Christina said...

I AM SALIVATING!!! I kept wondering how the shower went and how the toffee turned out. I think I need some chocolate now.

Amy said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You guys could go into the chocolate shower business. Happy Birthday again Laura!

autumn said...

Love it!
Love the colors and the STYLING.
Who knew you were the Hostess'es with the Mostest'es?
(yes, I know that's not proper English)
But NICE JOB. It looks fabulous.
I want an invite to the next one...
Happy Birthday Laura!

Mom said...

Ahh Yes, an over the top shower with out of this world food and ambiance. And those beautiful hand made puff balls hanging from the light over the wonderful food, AMAZING!!! Fun fun time.

Yah Yah said...

FINALLY, the much anticipated chocolate shower post. The entire thing has already been replicated [well at least they tried] in an Enrichment down in Denver. The "idea borrower" will remain nameless but I'm thinking that maybe a intellectual property suit would be in order if she wasn't one of the Lewis Girls' most favorite peeps.

Let me tell you folks, it was THE BEST shower I've ever had in my honor [okay and that I've ever attended]. No messing around with chicken salad on croissants, chips, dips, mini quiches, or rolled up tortillas things. We just went straight to the hardstuff on this one and the added bonus was I took ALL the leftovers home.