Dear Method

I love you.

No really, I love you.


I've been using Method products for a long time now. I first discovered it when I was living in Brooklyn... I saw an ad in one of my magazines and got a great deal when I ordered a "starter pack" that came with about 7 different products. I wasn't super impressed with their cleaning capabilities (the 409 I was raised..er...REARED on, left less streaks) but the smells were amazing. I used them intermittently from then on, finding that the hand soap was great on my eczema prone skin, and the bathroom cleaner worked well and I loved the smell. I was a fan long before I went to the Method Party and got even more Method product.

Then for Christmas Gabby gave me the Method book... squeaky clean. I read it in a day, and revamped my life. I'm a somewhat unsuccessful environmentalist (such as, I have yet to remember to take the reusable cloth bags I bought myself for Christmas into the grocery store with me)... but I try. Suddenly, now, some of the cleaning products in my home freak me out. So I'm going all toxic-free from here on out. My first purchase was the oMop kit (got it from HSN for 19.99).

Today I used my oMop kit for the 2nd time. This kit is similar to a Swiffer, but better. It has a microfiber cloth you wash after you use, and it's so easy and quick to clean the floors. Plus, they GLEAM when you're done. And smell awesome. And they won't poison Oz when he drops a toy on the floor and then puts it in his mouth. Usually when I'm finished cleaning the floors, I'm sweaty and tired and there are still footprints all over the place from my many trips to and from the sink. Not anymore.

Plus, the entire day I've had my citrus cilantro soy candle burning, and it's light, sunny fragrance is making me so happy. Nothing overpowering like other candles I've owned (you know who you are, Yankee Candle Company).


In other news (but still cleaning related), you know how you have those days when you realize you're a genius? I had one today. My spiral staircase has been a challenge. It always looks kind of grimy and is hard to vacuum... I haven't even attempted to mop it. Today, while I was walking down it to take the oMop cloth to the laundry room, I realized it still had solution on it. So as I walked down the stairs, I wiped off the ones behind me. I didn't even have to bend over! And they look 10,000 times better.

Like I said, I'm a genius.


**Spoiler alert:
If you're a good friend of mine and live close by, or you're in my family, don't buy the Method book. There is an excellent chance you'll receive it for your birthday this year.


madschill said...

Wow. That is quite a review. I have only purchased/used the cucumber all purpose spray and honestly, I am not crazy about it. I think it leaves a film on every surface I use it on, but I do love the smell. But you've convinced me to give their products another try.

darcie said...

i haven't seen the grapefruit line in our target in a very long time and i'm hoping they didn't discontinue it!

Bekah said...

i love the toilet bowl cleaner. it smells yummy. not to eat. but, yknow.