Has anyone...

Seen or heard from Carrie Sue master of blog posting disaster Denham lately? What, she thinks that working full time while nurturing and naturing Boo exempts her from her posting duties? Last week along she
  1. fed the missionaries
  2. took dinner to a family with a newborn
  3. went snowboarding
  4. worked
  5. attended her niece's 2nd birthday party
  6. sang in church in Boulder and
  7. hosted a playgroup for which she made salad, caramel rolls and muffins [to which everyone bailed at the last minute due to a skiff of snow]

My comments are the following:

We miss you Carrie and I can't believe you didn't freshly squeeze orange juice for #7.

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Christina said...

I definitely have been missing Carrie's posts too! I know she's taking pictures of Brig because they are popping up on facebook. :)

And don't worry... I came over to fill up on the yummy food she made for play group after they bailed. So play group wasn't a complete failure.