We were both born in Boulder, Colorado, one of us in 1973 (Sara) and one in 1979 (Carrie). Though six years apart in age, our lack of maturity has kept us close emotionally. Sara lives in Brooklyn, NY and Carrie resides in Denver, CO. Both of us consider ourselves urban ladies, who manage to be active in the LDS church (Mormon) while maintaining semi-hip wardrobes. If you’re looking for Doctrine-rich blog discussions, you better keep moving. There’s no guarantee you’ll find any such thing here.

Sara: I have two children, ages 6 and 4, who keep me relatively busy. My husband Travis also keeps me busy, since he thinks I’m his full time secretary. We’ve been married for 10 years in May, and I’m hoping for something fabulous from him on our anniversary. My typical day includes running (literally) my kids to and from school (we’re chronically late), usually in the freezing cold wind or snow. We own a car, but barely drive it since there’s nowhere to park it once you get where you’re going. I spend a fair amount of time reading, exercising, playing with my kids, and fighting with people’s housekeepers in the laundry room of our building (more on that later). We are planning a move to the suburbs of NYC in the next month which I plan to overdocument on this blog. Read it and weep.

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