My son is turning into my dad

This isn't a current picture of Calder. If you could see him now, his long hair flowing in the breeze, you might think he was a young lad with a hippie mother. I've offered many times to give him his "summer cut" (we buzz the boys every May) but he's decided he wants his hair long. So I've offered a trim. His bangs are so long, they pass his eyes by at least a couple of inches. Maybe when people start thinking he's a girl will he take me up on the haircut.

But, I digress. The picture very aptly shows a side of Calder that is quite a bit like his grampa. Birthday party season is heating up around here, and every time he gets an invitation [and declares that he will NOT be attending] I realize I never posted about a conversation that happened about a month ago.

S: It's Saturday! What are we going to do for fun today?

Me: Well, Calder is lucky... he has a birthday party at 4:00.

C: [Grumbling and sighing heavily] Is it going to take the whole day?


Janice said...

What an absolutely wonderful picture and story.

carrie said...


Yah Yah said...

I assume next year he'll be saying things like
- Don't lose the credit card
- Have you checked your oil
- Do you have your driver's license and/or an ID [on the way to the airport]
- Do you have your cellphone? In order to reach you you need to have your cellphone turned on.
etc. etc.

I love my dad, and Calder, so much.

jh said...

That's great. That picture really captures it. Love reading your blog!

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sara said...

Laura, he hasn't asked me about the credit card yet but does ask things like, "Did you remember to close the garage door?" as we're driving down the street. On Wednesday I was picking him up from school and all the kids were playing at the playground when suddenly Crosby made a mad dash for the street. Guess who arrived at Crosby at the exact same moment I did? Calder, who had been playing with friends but watching over his brother at the same time.

Just like Dad, Calder will take care of us all!

autumn said...

It's so rough being a kid.
Playdates, parties, the circus, Nickelodeon, trampolines....it can all get so strenuous at times. Not to mention dangerous.
It's good that Calder has a little fatherly streak in him. Just think how many lives he will save by the time he actually IS a father!
Super cute photo, by the way.