Better Know a Reader Series: Swine Flu Edition

It's going to take a minute to get to the point of this post... bear with me. It's been a long week, and an even longer DAY. (2 sick kids, no husband, and no end to the rain in sight. 12 hours of being in the house together and I'm ready to climb the walls!)

Things started out badly with the fridge flooding 30 minutes before Trav got on the plane to leave us for 2.5 weeks [this deserves a post by itself, so I won't go into detail here] so it set me back a good 2 days. Set me back from what, you ask? Oh, my OCD kicked in with the arrival of the Swine Flu in NY. I've already been trying to build up my food storage, but the imminent risk of a pandemic threw me into overload as I hit Costco and other stores with a vengeance, trying to prepare for being stuck in the house for 6 weeks or so.

As I walked up and down the aisles, struggling to push my uncooperative cart, I wondered what we could eat for 6 weeks straight. Forget any canned fruits or veggies... my kids wouldn't touch them. I decided on rice, ramen, lots and lots of pasta (seeing a trend here?), peanut butter and honey, and a few other items. Which brings me to the reader input part of this post.

Let's say you were stuck in your house for 6 weeks but could only eat one kind of food. What would it be? Is there anything you could eat over and over again? For the sake of fun, let's say you can pick one "regular" food and one "treat" food. I don't want to influence your answers (I know how you all look up to me...) so I'll answer in a follow up post.

Ready, set... comment!


Yah Yah said...

First of all let me say that my friend from Mexico whose father is a doctor there says that this whole scare is quite PHATLY blown way out of proportion. The number of people who have died from swine flue is much lower than the number of peeps who die from the run of the mill flu each year. Folks, you have a much higher chance of dying in a car crash than from the swine flu. She said that the reason everyone is so worked up about it is just b/c it is something new.

That being said I would choose the following
Regular food: chocolate chip cookies
Treat: bridge mix

I'm assuming we can add a beverage since they are a separate food group so I am going to throw caution to the wind and go with "hot chocolate".

For the record, I have no problem eating the same things over an over. I have done this for years now. It must be hereditary b/c Sara has had the same lunch, comprised of a bagel w/cream cheese, apple, and hot cocoa since she was in Jr. High. Actually, let me retract a bit, she now can have one of several types of apples whereas it used to be only a GREEN one.

Mom/Nana said...

I think I could eat a Luna bar, the flavor "nuts over chocolate" over and over, (10 grams of protein and 180 calories), and nuts. Probably any nut other than peanuts.

autumn said...

Oh, this is easy.
I could eat a peanut butter sandwich every day. The peanut butter has to be freshly ground. No
Skippy or Peter Pan! And I like my PB with grape jelly, apricot jelly or honey. It has to be on a good, moist, dense wheat bread or a really good (not dry) pita.

One junk food that I could eat every day? This is MUCH more difficult. I'm pretty sure I could eat them ALL every day.
Hmmm, I'm gonna have to go with pizza.
But, if had to be something sweet, I would choose Almond Roca.
Or Snickers.
Or jordan almonds.
Or maybe peanut M&M's.
No, Snickers.

Yah Yah said...

Autumn and I should open a restaurant. I forgot about peanut butter, I would DIE without peanut butter. I like natural also BUT I always add salt - crazy right?

Janice said...

Hamburger and guacamole. Oh and Diet Coke with fresh lime.

em said...

Mini eggs and easy mac is what I'm hoping would pull me through! Hope you have a wonderful mom's day! Such beautiful and happy kids. You deserve it!

Tania said...


You have got to look into Mountain House or Thrive freeze dried meals. You can order them online & they'll deliver them (no struggling with un-wielding carts or toddlers at Costco.) They are light to move and last for YEARS. They actually taste pretty good too - we bought one of each variety & sampled them, then ordered a lot more of the one's we liked.

If I could only eat one thing - yogurt. Too bad that doesn't store so well. In the absence of yogurt, Yah Yah's storage plan sounds pretty good to me!