One of these is not like the other...

I found this girl on-line...she is 17 weeks pregnant.

This girl is 16 weeks pregnant...with twins no less.

And here I am at 16 weeks. No, I'm not sticking my stomach out, as Dave keeps asking me.

Seriously...is there a chance I'm actually 6 months pregnant?

Dave and my conversations go something like this:

Carrie: "Hey Dave - check out my belly. It is getting so huge."
Dave: "Are you sticking it out?"
Carrie: "NO!"
Dave: "Well...why don't you try sucking it in?"

He is killing me.


missy said...

You look fabulous! People make all kinds of dumb comments while you are pregnant, just enjoy it.

di said...

how cute are you! you look great! you are lucky enough to have the little basketball look--most women (including me!!!!!) would kill for that! you have nowhere else to hold any weight. i cannot wait to see pictures of you when you are 9 months--no one will be able to tell from behind that you are even pregnant! you are a lucky girl!!!!! you really look great! glad that you are getting some energy back!

Emily said...

Look how cute you look. Enjoy it now, because Crew is 3 months and I feel huge still. At least during pregnancy, you are suppose to have a cute ball for a stomach. Not after like me.

Amanda said...

You look so cute! I'm bummed I'm not there to see it in person. sniff sniff

Smiths said...

You look great! I'm so happy to see a belly picture! This is the fun stage- where you feel good and enjoy looking pregnant! Enjoy the 2nd trimester. I'm glad you're feeling better. It is glorious when food tastes good again.

TippettsFam said...

cute...perfect....little..baby belly bump!!! you are so cute! can't wait to meet the little one inside....

Lindsey said...

I asked my husband if I looked pregnant. He said, "No, you look the same." I was horrified because even though I already had a nice sized tummy pre-pregnancy, I can't suck in my baby bump.

You look so cute. I think baby bumps are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited you guys are having a baby. And I think you look great!!!

Barb Roper said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see you and Dave as parents. You will be great. Your blog cracks me up!

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