Oz visits Target

If he didn't look exactly like his brother (with his sister's chin), I'd think maybe they gave me the wrong baby at the hospital. On Thursday, we took Oz for his first trip to Target. And he cried the whole time. Apparently, he's not a fan of the sling. I had to carry him through the entire store, and he fussed until the very end when we got to the check out. I couldn't even treat myself to a Pepsi Icee at the end, because I'm afraid if I drink caffeine he'll stop sleeping 20 hours a day. Despite it all, I still managed to spend over 300 dollars... mostly camping gear for the daddy-daughter campout our church held this weekend.

Let's hope this anti-Target phase is short lived. We've got to head back to Target this week to return a bunch of the camping stuff that didn't work out.


Liz said...

Zane was always like that with the post office. The only place he would spaz out at 100% of the time no matter what.

you're a trooper for getting what you needed anyhow.

erin wright said...

the pictures travis sent of the girls atcamp are so beautiful. how is it possible to be so stylish while camping?