The genius that lives at the end of my street

On Sunday, I decided I was up for a walk with the baby. I went with Nana and the kids to the park for a while, and then headed home early. I was wearing Oz in his Baby Bjorn. I passed by a man holding a toddler, who said to the baby, "Look! Another baby!" and then he asked me how old the baby was. I said, "Twelve days" and the man said, "Wow! And you're already having another one!"

All I said was, "No, this is from THIS baby" while touching my stomach. But I really wish I had gone into the physical impossibilites of being pregnant again so quickly after having a baby. At least I gave him a really, really dirty look.


Lindsey said...

People are SO freakin' stupid. I swear. I had a DOCTOR, granted she was a dermatologist, ask me when I went in for a postnatal rash ask me if my stretch marks were from "this" pregnancy or the last. I was totally confused. "Oh....no, I'm not pregnant again. That was from this baby." (And before....) Geez.

Elizabeth L. said...

It is amazing how many geniuses live among us.

You do not know how many times people asked right after I gave birth,"when are you due?"

Even a mother at Dallas' school who had seen me pregnant the whole time.
BTW -This is proof that there are not only 2 people who read your blog, I am a big fan!

em said...

What he should have said is, "WOW and after only 12 days of bringing another life into the world you are out and walking?" What an idiot! If I would have been there I would have punched him in the neck. I'd like to see him TRY to do what you just did 12 days ago.

I hope you know I love you sweet girl. I was so very worried about you. And yes - YOU. It sounds like you were such a trooper. Next time will you have one for me though? He's just as cute as S and C. You're a lucky mom! I love you honey!

em said...

oh yeah - and give your mom a big hug for me. How great to have her there to help. Tell her I miss her too!

Birth and mothers is such a mystery to me. I just can't even imagine it. This is me thanking all the women that will do this. THANK YOU!

liz said...

I think it would be so great to wear a badge after we give birth to let strangers know "this isn't my real body, it's a temporary fat suit I have to work off cos I just had a baby" like it's an accessory we intentionally wear so just give me a high-five for the labor and keep moving.

katie said...


about a month after eve was born our handy man came over to do some work. he asked how much weight i had left to lose. when i told him he argued with me, guaranteeing i had much, much more if i wanted to look good. he used a lot of hand motions to explain how big i was. my favorite was when he pointed at my belly, grabbed his own fat rolls and jiggled them around. then he told me i needed to start running. i told him he needed to leave before he got kicked.

congrats on little oz. he's gorgeous. we need to come up for a (long overdue) visit soon.

sara said...

thanks everyone. i'm totally feeling the love.

do you think it would be fun if i printed out this post (comments included) and taped it to his front door? i have to avoid that end of the street now anyway. might as well get some mileage out of it.

alysha said...

I have several unfortunate stories of people asking when I was due while holding a newborn. One of them was from the tennant I couldn't get out of my house. At that point I wanted to drop kick him and sue him for the 7,000 he owed me.