Why I Feel Like Kicking Someone in the Face Right Now

It all started last night, while I was eating dinner. Before I ate, I was feeling kind of nauseous, usually an indicator that it’s time to eat again. However the feeling continued to increase while I was eating. It was dodgeball night at the church for the Young Men and Young Women, so I went though still feeling sick. After I got home I was watching Veronica Mars while folding laundry when it hit me. Most of my dinner came up into the kitchen sink, with the rest following at 1 am. The next morning I felt half dead and totally dehydrated.

Travis woke up at 8 and came in to check on me (I had migrated to C’s bed in the night) and asked what he needed to do to get S ready for school. He returned 10 seconds later to inform me we had yet another dead fish on our hands, and we couldn’t get sobbing S out of bed to get ready for school. We finally got her on the bus, though I don’t think she got any breakfast, and I began ingesting as much Coke and Gatorade as my stomach could handle. By 12 pm I was hopped up on enough caffeine to get the car washed, so C and I went up to Harrison. When we arrived, the guys told me they were just about the break for lunch and told me to come back at 1.15. So now I had 45 minutes to kill in a town I’ve barely ever been to. We decided to try and find C a muffin, and after trying 4 different stores (in and out of the car THREE TIMES) we finally found the right kind of muffin. Then I filled the car with gas, and we went back to get it washed.

My entire pregnancy, the biggest craving I’ve had was for pancakes, but a close second is a Coke Slurpee. Unfortunately, 7-11's are few and far between in New York. I recently discovered that there’s a 7-11 in Scarsdale, so I decided today was the day I really deserved/needed that Coke Slurpee. I put the address into my car’s navigation, and to the background noise of complaints from my darling son, drove to Scarsdale. Once I got there, the closest parking spot was a good half mile away from 7-11, so I dragged C out of the car and through the freezing cold. While holding my coat around me (my stomach is too big to zip it up), I kept telling myself this miserable walk would all be worth it when I got home with my Coke Slurpee. We walked in the store and headed to the Slurpee machine... and the Coke one was BROKEN. The only flavors that were working were grape (no way) and Crystal lite (disgusting). I spun around and stormed out. And that’s why I feel like kicking someone in the face right now.


em said...

Damn 7-11. I can't tell you how many times they do that to me! Last summer I found out that they actually make Diet Coke slurpees... In the hopes that this wasn't a myth I drove to almost a bazillion 7-11s - obviously they're not few and far in between, but then that's why you miss Utah, right? Anyway, I finally found one and it was on the juicy cycle so the lady told me I'd have to wait twenty minutes. Well - being mechanically inclined I waited until her back was turned and opened the little front "hood" of the machine and pushed buttons until it started the freezing cycle. Yep - you guessed it... I got kicked out of the only 7-11 in Salt Lake that carries Diet Coke Slurpee. Also - just an FYI... diet coke in a blender with Smith's ice is NOWHERE near the same.

liz said...

oh I love you for loving slurpees!

a movie theater just plain sucks without them. I have to tell you the secret glory of the HUGE movie theater that is in (yikes) New Rochelle because they have stadium seating (imagine that!) and nachos AND SLURPEES!!!

i prefer blue and cherry, but can appreciate you love the coke

sara said...

i'm so checking out that movie theater! slurpees AND movies at the same time? nothing could be better!

Anonymous said...

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