The Name Game

At the beginning of December we went to the baby’s sonogram. Had you asked me ahead of time what I thought the baby was, I would have said I had no clue. But apparently I thought it was a girl, because when we found out it was a boy I was genuinely shocked. I even shed a couple surreptitious tears, as I had hoped for a sister for S. Of course I got over it quickly, but the lingering problem remains: We had a girl name all picked out. We’ve been saving the name Vera (Trav’s seriously awesome grandma) forever. We nearly used it as a middle name for S, but decided it warranted first name status. A few weeks into my pregnancy, we got a phone call from his brother. The entire purpose for the call was to inform us that he and his wife were putting dibbs on the name Vera, to which Travis replied, “Sorry dude! Whoever has a baby girl first gets to use it.” We smirked at each other, knowing we’d definitely beat them to the punch.

So now here we are, with no boy names we can agree on. Here is a sampling of names I like: Beck, Ren, Jasper, August, Cyrus, Heath. I’m looking for something short, unique, but not weird. Here are the names that Travis has suggested: Helvetica, Fabian, Magnus, Magnum, Thunder, Gustaf, Ingemar, Utah, Futura, Grand. Do you see the problem here? Travis is clearly leaning towards something Swedish, or the name of a font. What can I say? We’re totally screwed. How bad would it be to name a boy Vera?


Ariane said...

I vote for Cy Ingemar. Or Cy Sherman. Or Utah Jack. Or Stickley S. Or Malouf. Boys' names are fun. Good luck. I'm sure you'll pick something creative.

sara said...

yeah. i'm thinking cy or sage are the front runners for me. i think i should be the one who gets to decide, since i'm the one who's MISERABLE for 9 months (10) while pregnant!

em said...

Merrick is my all time favorite boy name... ok, its not, but no one will name their son Cavalli. WHICH I LOVE. Run it by Trav - I'm betting it'll get his vote.

So G&C are having the boy and they're having the same problem. Gardner likes names like Bo (after my dad's highschool nickname and also after the good old boy of Hazard County) and Crista likes names like Ean and Ethan. hmmm. Maybe they should just let me name him.

On a side note G called and said that the little girls now "gang" up on him. I almost fell over laughing. 4 & 2 and they're "ganging" up on him. Maybe be glad you're having a boy.

fall said...

ok. I KNOW this is an "old" blog, but I judt had to respond. first of all, you know that I feel I am always about a decade behind in everything. for example, my taste in music (i still love abba and can't work out without listening to at least one erasure song) that being said, this is my first attempt at "blogging", so forgive any breaches in etiqutte.

OK----allen's little sister has just started to date a guy named Sage, and you should hear all of the wisecracks that are flying out of the mouth of my father-in law. you would think the kid was named vagina.
just thought you might want to know.

sara said...

oh "fall". you are so devious with your code name! :)

sage is out. officially.

Design Mom said...

I'm voting for Thunder.

Do I get a vote?