Now you tell me!!!

Tuesday after work I met Scout, Calder, and Sydney (chauffered by Nana) at SuperTarget. The plan was to procure a birthday present for Calder. Two Leggo sets, 1 Playdough ice cream making set and 1 remote control spider later we got into the car and headed for Flatiron's Crossing.

We played on the dinasaurs and headed to Fuzziwigs to fill sacks with candy. Distracted by getting my own mix of goodies, the pitter pat of candy falling on the floor and the dirty look from the cashier pulled me from my Willly Wonka reverie to find Sydney with a FULL bag of candy moving from bin to bin. Not feeling comfortable enough to put some back, I quickly paid for Scout, Calder, Syd and my treasures and exited before they called the resident mall cop.
No one was hungry for "dinner" so we headed home. As we passed the shaved ice booth on the way to the parking lot, suddenly they had an appetite so everyone chose their flavor and we ordered. Suddenly I realized I didn't have any cash. Sydney assurred me she would "wait there" (I guess she figured I would go somewhere to get the cash). I apologized over and over and explained we couldn't buy it but she wasn't deterred and assured me she would stay and wait there until I.....? Finally I convinced her we would come back later in the week. We hopped in the car and headed for home.

Finally back at Nana's house (keep in mind we had been together for several hours) we were getting out of the car when the following dialogue occurred:

Scout: "Um Yah Yah, don't take this the wrong way but do you ever date?"

Me: "No"

Scout : "why not?"

Me : "well I've never really dated much and no one ever asks me."

Scout: "have you ever thought that you aren't doing it right?"

Me: "hmmm, what do you mean"

Scout: "well you have to crush on boys and talk to them a certain way"

Me: "do you like boys?"

Scout: "sure, in fact I crush on _ _ _ _ in my class but I'm in love with Jonah and JP Pacheco"

She then preceded to explain to me how it all worked.

Where was Scout 20 years ago?


carrie said...

I can just hear her little voice telling you all of this. Isn't it so fun having them here? Sara - you can not have them back. Sorry.

sara said...

I miss them!!! I can't wait to be there on Saturday. The 3x per day phone calls I'm getting from her are just not enough...

Maren said...

oh, this is so great. I love Scout! and the snowcone incident is hilarious.

Ashley said...

LOVE IT. thanks for the shout out scout!! miss all of you!!