Snowmaggedon, part 3

I took some pictures of the most recent snowstorm, intending to post them and garner some sympathy. Too bad I was so busy shoveling all day and never got around to sitting at my computer!

The snow was basically the consistency of wet cement. After about an hour, I had to switch to the kid sized shovel because my aching arms could no longer lift the big one.

Scout was in charge of Crosby while I was shoveling the back deck. We've had some water get in, so I was shoveling the snow away from the house. When I came in, I found this mess:

But he was alive, so it was all good. I did find a couple of plastic beads in his poopy diaper two days later. Yum.

These two were marginally helpful with the shoveling. They preferred to spend the bulk of the day digging out holes for snow forts. I might have thought that was fun too, in December. But as for now, I'm done with winter.



Travis said...

Dear, dear. So beautiful. Sorry I missed it!

Amanda P said...

Wow! So much snow! I hope you guys at least got a snow day or two. And the little bead surprise, I can definitely relate. I feel like as I clean up one mess, another is being made simultaneously!

Gordon said...

Yes Sara, snow does seem to follow you wherever you go. We've had high 50's all week in Colorado finally. All though we STILL have snow on the ground but beautiful weather for walks. It is almost 60today so I am heading out for a walk now.
It is beautiful though! How come Travis seems to miss out on all the shoveling and him with his new sorels?
Much love,