The first time...

Brig had a lot of "firsts" in honor of his first birthday. Here are a few:

First taste of a Duffy's cinnamon roll

First trip to a Water Park, "Pirates Cove."
First time sitting on someones lap for 45 minutes without moving a muscle - thank you lazy river! Who would have guessed you would make Brig so, well, lazy?
First picnic at the park!

First shy moment. In 365 days of living, this is literally the first time I've seen you shy (while we sang happy birthday).

First ever (that I know of) cake decorated WITH sugar cookies. How can you beat that combo? Trust Aunt Yah Yah to invent something completely new and delicious!

First taste of said cake & ice cream.

First game of kickball. I held you while I pitched, that counts right?
First time watching cousins open your presents for you.

First time waking up at 4:00am with a whole bunch of sugar related poo and a horrible diaper rash. I hope you enjoyed your sugar...you don't get more until you are 2!

Happy Birthday love. I hope you had as much fun celebrating your birthday as we did!


Emily said...

Too adorable! I love the dimples. Happy Birthday Brig!

Darcie said...

First time I've ever seen Carrie with bangs.....LOVE THEM!! Is that right, or am I not seeing correctly in the photo? Okay, so back to the Bday boy- can he get any more ADORABLE and HAPPY??????

sara said...

I love that you took his high chair to the park. NICE!

He is so freaking cute!

sara said...

And yes, let's talk more about that hair of yours. Does that not deserve it's own post? How did it turn out? Are you the next Kate Moss?

M-Ann said...

Oh, what's the new hair like?

Brig is a lucky man to be so adored. I loved the pictures of his birthday. Cute beyond words!!

Natalee said...

Oh, man! Seriously he is the boy version of you! Who has such profound dimples and the best smile?! So cute.

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday to Brig! Porter has started doing the shy thing too! Is it the age?